Tuesday, 21 January 2014

European Award for Best Content for Kids - national competition in Portugal

The Portuguese National Competition ended at the end of October and 44 submissions were made into 3 categories (adults non-professional, adults professional and young people individuals). 
It was interesting to see that the majority of the entries were submitted by teachers in schools, after a special reinforcement was made through the school libraries network. Despite the effort to engage young people and professionals their participation was in a very small scale. In the case of the latter, the PT SIC personally made requests for the participation of some really good websites, but they did not abide by the request, eventually not recognising added value to the European Competition. It will be something to take into consideration in future editions of the competition.

The following entries were declared the winners for each of the above mentioned categories: 

Kookie Centum Square – Adults Professionals 

Three aliens (Tin, Sigma and Elf) had to make an emergency landing on planet Earth. To repair their spaceship they will have to find materials and overcome a series of obstacles. To help them pass each of the obstacles the player will need to use logical thinking, mathematical knowledge and memory schemes. 

School of Magic (Escola da Magia) – Adults Non professional 

In the School of Magic players enrol as Wizardry apprentices. To progress in the fields of magic they need to be successful in many educational and good-humoured games: learn how to fly on a broomstick, discover mysterious places, play with math, recycle with ghosts, master the weather, tell tales, form alliances and conquer a place amongst the most powerful wizards.  
Learn English - Young People Individuals 

This game is destined to small children aged 6-8 consists of the display of several images and guessing the word that connects to the image displayed. There are three levels of the game and within each, eight images to link to the word that describes them. An image will appear each time with eight words around, the player will have to click on the right one.

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