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European Award for Best Content for Kids – national competition in Germany

The European Winners of the Best Content for Kids award will be announced on Safer Internet Day on February 11th 2014 in Brussels. The national competitions in the 28 participating European countries contributed to awarding a European winner. In Germany the Safer Internet Centre klicksafe organized the competition together with the institutions and

The German national competition gathered 54 entries throughout the categories adults non-professional, adults professional and young people groups, most of them created by grown-ups professionally. In the professional category content and services from public bodies and institutions, companies as well as private initiatives are present. The entries reflect how manifold the German internet landscape has developed over the last years. Interestingly, apps have found their way into the competition but still form a minority within this year’s competition.

An expert jury awarded the following winners in two categories:

Adults professional


1. Kwerx - Die Kunstwerke ( playfully introduces children to art. “Adventure Renaissance” – the first of 3 virtual exhibitions about various art epochs and some interactive radio games about art in different cultures take children from the age of 8 into the world of art: The KWERX – 6 living paintings - and the little mouse Picco travel through time and experience numerous adventures in faraway countries. They discover art of the ancient world, Asian art and much more.    

2. Multiverso - Die Reise zu den Sternen ( 

The adventurous educational game Multiverso introduces children to natural scientific topics in a playful manner. Players have to fulfill exciting missions as so-called “multinauts” throughout the game and get to explore a to scale model of the solar system as well as the laws of physics. 

3. Ampelini - Drei Freunde für Sicherheit (

The city of Ampelini on teaches children from the age of 4 about dangers of everyday life (e.g. road traffic) and offers games, quizzes as well as possibilities to draw or do handicrafts. The three “Ampelinis” Rocco, Gina and Grecco accompany children on their adventures. The website was developed within the framework of an initiative towards more safety for children by the Berlin-based agency eobiont on behalf of the German Insurance Association (GDV), which is the federation of private insurers in Germany. 

Young people groups


Winner: Stop Kids Magazin ( is a website created by various children and youth in the course of the 13 years. It contains a wide range of different topics that the young editors are interested in: Jokes, riddles, self-written stories, magic tricks and cheats to different games make the website a diverse and interesting site for kids and teens.   

Children and teenagers were addressed specifically: An explanatory “how to” tutorial video posted on the website and youtube channel of klicksafe explained how youngsters can also take part and send in their digital content ( Also a postcard was created and distributed at major events for young people.
The result of 7 entries produced by groups of young people let the organizers assume that young people in Germany are still not fully aware of the many creative tools and services they can use to express themselves and get involved in developing their own online content even individually. It will therefore be a future challenge to inspire their use of existing technology even more and encourage them to present their creative work in the framework of public competitions.

New at this year’s award edition was the public voting phase: Everyone was invited to rate for their favorite entry for a special award by the German public within the categories adults professional and young people groups. Primolo (, a website creation tool for primary school children, was awarded as well as the school newspaper “Der Waldbote” created with exactly this software (

All winners of the national competition were celebrated in a special award ceremony in the capital of Berlin in December 2013 with an expert panel session, honoring speeches and the presentation of a trophy for the winners. See the video on jury meeting and award ceremony here:

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