Saturday, 21 December 2013


DECO (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) and DNS.PT are promoting the SITESTAR.PT COMPETITION that challenges creative and entrepreneur youngsters from Portugal to develop sites and blogs with original content in Portuguese language. The digital spaces to be created within this bid must comply with the rules of security, safety and privacy, as well as the applicable law on intellectual property and related rights legislation.

The Registration for the 1st stage of the competition is open until January 14, 2014 in 3 categories: knowledge, social and economic entrepreneurship, arts music and sports.

Young people between 12 and 18 years can compete individually or in teams, always accompanied by a teacher, preferably the ICT classes’ teacher or the head master of the class. The best 60 ideas receive a .PT domain, accommodation, email address and website creation tools. The authors of the 6 best sites or blogs will be rewarded with a tablet and are eligible to the International Competition «Dot Award».

The checklist produced within the POSCON Thematic network will be used to guarantee the quality of the content as positive content for children whenever applicable to the basic idea of the proposal from the youngsters, i.e., when children are also target publics.

The Competition is an initiative from DECO (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) and DNS.PT with the support from the Directorate General for Education (DGE), the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre (Internet Segura), IGAC, GDA, INPI, SPA and ANPRI.

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