Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Towards Accessibility of Online Content and Services for Everyone

The internet offers huge opportunities for all people, of course also people with disabilities. But a lot of barriers complicate their use of online content and services and make it difficult or even impossible to access (some of) them. Consequently, people with disabilities and especially children are often excluded from online media, content and services altogether and are not offered the opportunity to use them freely and self-determined for information, education, entertainment, communication as well as participation within society.

Therefore, the network of POSCON aims at raising awareness for accessibility for all users, especially children with disabilities, to enable them to fully use and participate through online content and services. Most importantly we will work towards concrete tips and guidelines to developers and providers of online content and services for children on how to make their products as accessible as possible. These recommendations will be included into our Checklist & Concrete Criteria for Positive Content publication (http://www.positivecontent.eu/positive-content-criteria/) as an additional chapter.

Furthermore we want to encourage everyone involved in producing and promoting positive online content for children to learn more about accessibility through the work of relevant initiatives and organizations as well as already existing international standards and guidelines!

We have started a collection of link tips and online tools on the topic of accessibility and special needs of people with disabilities, which is meant to promote existing initiatives, standards and recommendations all over the world.
This so-called "knowledge database" based on input by experts and research still has very much potential to be expanded. As we strive to include more information and resources, we want to invite the public send us more ideas and examples to be included as well as to share and spread this document to colleagues and experts! Everyone is very welcome to send in additions and ideas via poscon@lmk-online.de.

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