Monday, 26 May 2014 - Icelandic website for children is an Icelandic website with educational games for children, about 4-8 years old. The owner and author of all the games is Anna Margrét Ólafsdóttir, POSCON Network Member and headteacher at the preschool Nóaborg in Reykjavík, Iceland.    
The games on are based on Anna Margrét's work with the children in her preschool. Most of the games focus on math and language but one game is about safty on the internet. The games can be played in 9 languages. Access is free, there are no ads, no registration and no personal information is gathered about the users. All you need to play the games is to have Flash and Java installed. has been online for about two and a half years. Anna´s aim is to translate the games into more languages in the near future. is created through funding provided by grants from the following: Nordplus, The ministry of Education in Iceland, The board of Human rights in Reykjavik, The Developing Fund of the Union of Preschool Teachers in Iceland, an Icelandic government developing fund for teaching material and a stipend from "Barnavinafélagið Sumargjöf", a charity that founded the first preschools in Iceland and operated all  preschools in the city of Reykjavik until 1973.

Anna with Neelie Kroes at the Award Ceremony on SID 2014 
Best content for kids in Europe was awarded 1st price for the best content for kids in the non-professionals category in an European competition held in connection with the international Safer Internet Day on February 11th 2014.  More than 1.100 projects were entered into this competition. The award ceremony was held in Brussels at a high-level event hosted by the European Commission.


Games from for iPads

Two games from have been developed for iPads and more are on the way. The first of these was released in the Appstore at the end of 2013 and is called Pattern Puzzle Game. It is the iPad version of one of the most popular games from the website. Another game, just released in the Appstore, is called Magic Shape Pictures, also developed from a popular game. The third game for iPad is called Get Shapes, and will be available in Appstore shortly. Get Shapes has been developed in cooperation with a group of six five year old pre-schoolers from Anna Margrét's preschool. The kids drew figures and planned the rules for that games. Hopefully more games from the website will be available for iPads in the near future.

Pattern Puzzle Game

Screenshots - Pattern Puzzle Game 
The game is designed to be fun and educational for kids, from age four. It is designed by kindergarten teachers and tested by kids! There are four levels of difficulty and the pictures you have to make, using geometrical shapes, get more complicated as you progress through the levels. When each level is done an congratulatory star will appear. As in all games associated with you will find no advertisments, no social links, no pop-ups or  distractions/links that can divert children. This app has been very well received and has got great reviews e.g  from the specialist website (apps for children with special needs) where they tested the app and made a video about it which you can watch if you click onto this link here:

Paxel Magic Shape Pictures
Screenshot Magic Shape Pictures
The second game was released two weeks ago and is called Paxel Magic Shape Pictures.   
It is fun and educational for kids as young as three years old. The goal is to arrange a number of shapes correctly to match a given image. When all the shapes are in place, a beautiful picture with the same theme appears. Three levels are free but parents can buy ten extra levels for 99c. A "parent gate" is installed to ensure that children cannot make a purchase by accident.

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