Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Towards a European net for Children – the POSCON Repository

One of the main aims of POSCON is heading towards more positive content and services for children and also more “European versions” of positive content. As a first step towards this aim, the project will provide a comprehensive overview of the market for positive content in Europe. 

Currently POSCON is collecting data about positive content offerings in different European countries. The data collection covers three different categories:

  1. gateways and platforms, such as children’s browsers, search engines, starting pages, whitelists, 
  2. services and websites like websites for information or games, web radios and TV, media sharing platforms, blogs or social networks for children, and  
  3. apps.  

The basis for the entries is the POSCON Checklist and Concrete Criteria for Positive Content and Services (http://www.positivecontent.eu/checklist/).

Additionally the POSCON network members analyse “their” landscape of positive content and services. Beyond the number of websites and apps, which the repository will provide, POSCON will highlight the framework and conditions in the different countries – the special situation, characteristics and best practices, existence of support programmes, cooperation with industry, specific challenges as well as an analysis of problems and needs.

The repository will provide a basis for a European extension of link lists, whitelists, browsers and platforms as well as development of multilingual websites and platforms. The repository will keep on growing, the data collection will constantly continue until the end of the project in November 2014.

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